4 Wonder Flours For A Healthy Diet

on April 17, 2020

With increasing awareness, many people are now upgrading their lifestyles to a healthy one. They invest both time and money to study the functional benefits of the food they consume. It is a good sign that now people link their diet with digestive health, immunity, energy and mental focus.

4 wonder flour for healthy diet

It has been rightly said, “The food you eat can be either the safest and the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”. Since you are reading this article, I am assuming that you are diet conscious and searching for healthy food items, which can be easily availed online or at your nearby grocery stores. So I would like to introduce you with four interesting flour options which you can add as co-meal in your already healthy diet chart. These are:

  • Amaranth Flour
  • Organic Finger Millet Flour
  • Buckwheat Flour
  • Multi grain Flour

Amaranth Flour- Powerhouse of Nutrients

Amaranth also known as Choulai is a Pseudocereal which means it is not a cereal grain but has nutrient content similar to those of other cereal grains like wheat and oats. Besides being naturally gluten free this dietary staple has an amazing nutrient profile. Not only it is a rich source of fiber and protein, it is packed with essential elements like manganese, magnesium, phosphorous and iron.

Why should I include Amaranth flour in my diet?

The reasons are many! Being rich in magnesium it promotes DNA synthesis and muscle contraction. Presence of phosphorus makes it good for bone health, while iron in the flour helps in the production of red blood cells. Following are some health benefits of the Amaranth Flour.

  • Its Gluten free: Unlike other cereal grains like wheat, barley, rye etc Amaranth flour is naturally gluten free, which makes it the best option for gluten sensitive people. This means that it does not causes digestive complexities and keeps the intestinal tracts healthy.
  • Aids in Weight Loss: Several researches have indicated that Protein and fiber are supposed to aid weight loss and Amaranth is rich in both thus making it a good health option.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties: A per studies Amaranth was found to reduce several markers of inflammation. This means that it could help our immune system to protect us from many chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders.
  • It may lower cholesterol levels: Excess of cholesterol in the blood stream may cause arteries to narrow, which may lead to heart related diseases. Interestingly, researches indicate that Amaranth flour reduces bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol levels.
  • It tastes good: What else you can ask for. A food option both healthy and tasty. It has sweet and nutty flavor which can please your taste buds. You can incorporate this flour in several dishes like smoothies, pizza crust, soups and the list goes on.

Madua or Ragi Flour- Incredible dietary staple!

The Finger Millet Flour is a cereal with amazing health benefits. It is easy to digest and has an impressive nutrient profile. Among cereals, it has highest amount of calcium and potassium. It is also rich in anti-oxidants. Like Buckwheat flour Ragi flour is also gluten free.

Reasons to incorporate Ragi flour in my diet

The advantages mentioned below might tempt you to add this extraordinary grain in your health list. It offers health benefits for every age group and is also good for pregnant ladies and even lactating mothers.

  • Good for bones: Since it has good amount of calcium it improves bone density. This means it meet the needs of every age group especially children and the old. As per studies it is believed to slow down the ageing process, all thanks to its nutrition profile.
  • Might reduce Blood Pressure and water retention: As per research the potassium content in Madua Flour helps keep diseases like high Blood Pressure at bay.
  • Good for Pregnant women and Lactating Mothers: As the flour is rich in iron and calcium, it is good for both mother and the baby.
  • Good for digestion: The Finger Millet Flour is rich in phytochemicals which are responsible for slowing the digestion process. This in turn helps controlling sugar levels in the blood. It is extremely good for those having diabetes.
  • Tranquilizer Properties: This means that it helps in relaxing the body, thereby treating anxiety, depression and stress. Research indicates its benefits for those having migraines. 

Buckwheat Flour- A Nutrition Package

Also known as kuttu ka atta, this flour is consumed in India especially by those who observe fasts. Like Amaranth, Buckwheat Flour is a pseudocereal. It is rich in protein, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Why Buckwheat should be a part of my diet?

The answer lies in its nutritional profile. It has a unique taste and texture which you can consider while making it a part of your diet. The health benefits are as follows:

  • Good for colon health: Buckwheat flour is rich in fiber, which is resistant to digestion. Resistant starch in the husk of the Buckwheat’s fiber is fermented by gut bacteria which is good for the health of the colon.
  • It is gluten free: It is good for gluten intolerant people.
  • Good for heart health: It has compounds such as rutin, copper, magnesium and certain proteins which promote heart health. It is supposed to reduce bad cholesterol and maintains blood lipid profile.
  • Helpful in diabetes: As it is rich in fiber, it is believed to moderate the rise in blood sugar after meals. 

Multi grain Flour: Multiple benefit food option!

As the name suggests the Multi grain flour is a mix of more than one ingredient. Since it is a combination of ingredients like jowar, bajra, ragi, oats and soya bean, it is deemed to have an intense nutrition profile.

Why to incorporate Multi Grain Flour in my diet?

You can customize this flour and make it of your choice keeping in mind what suits you the best. These are the following benefits:

  • Powerhouse of nutrients: A combination of all the wonder grains, this flour is the best choice providing all the nutrients essential for the human body.
  • Good for digestion: Rich in fiber, multi grain flour is good for digestion and colon health.
  • Aids in weight loss: Since it is rich in protein it can be opted by those who aim to shred some weight.
  • It is gluten free: As the ingredients like jowar, bajra, ragi are gluten free Multi Grain flour is the perfect choice for gluten sensitive people. 

Summing Up!

We have been hearing this since childhood, “Health is Wealth”, and it is pretty true. It becomes easy to eat healthy when the food is tasty too, like the above mentioned flours. These flours not only find their use in making chapattis but can also be incorporated in many dishes like cakes, soups, puddings, smoothies etc. You can easily avail these four varieties of flour easily at your doorstep through bigTokari. We assure our edible items to be pure as we use organic ingredients in the making. Staying fit and healthy is the new ‘mantra’, give us a chance to make you achieve that.


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