6 Amazing Health Benefits That You Can Reap From Tulsi Green Tea

on June 10, 2020

There is a revolution happening in your tea cup these days and the reason is  recently realized health benefits of green tea. We often mistake green tea to be as the normal tea. But this is certainly not so. So if you have skipped your daily cup of tea and instead switched to green tea and started sipping your morning cuppa, glorious healthy days are waiting for you!

Tulsi green tea infusion

You’re not just savoring the taste of an amazing flavored tea but also reaping great health benefits with this. Some of the amazing benefits we will cover for you:

  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Fat burning properties 
  • Zero calorie drink 
  • Remedy to stress
  • Good for kidney health 

You may have not known that tea is the most consumed drink in the world. A survey conducted in 2017, revealed that almost 80 percent of the world’s population drinks tea and the rest percent consume green tea. But with people becoming more concerned about their health, green tea is being consumed by approx. 4 people out of 10. The good news is that the world is undergoing a good health revolution and has thus is preferring herbal green tea over normal tea. 

Imagine a scenario where there is only one beverage that can fix your stress levels, and help you get in shape too. How superb that would be, right? Rather than spending loads on costly items and medicines, you can adhere to this one single beverage that can complete your activity and furthermore give other dependable advantages! 

This marvel drink is none other than herbal green tea, and here we will focus on Tulsi green tea. Know why you must add this almighty Tulsi Green Tea to your day? Read on to know!

Rich in anti-oxidants

Tulsi Green Tea is rich in polyphenols that fight against the free radicals that the body produce. Free radicals are known to hurt the DNA of a cell because of oxidation and result in its demise. They are in charge of encouraging maturing and a few different illnesses.

Fat burning properties

Tulsi green tea has become a globally liked and consumed product because of its richness in anti oxidant properties. Also because it is recognized as the main element of fat burning. Adding to that, its ability to relieve stress and anxiety and help get rid of acidity issues triggered by long time consumption of regular milk tea makes it a must to have.

Tulsi Green Tea helps in improving digestion which in turn helps in losing the extra weight. It is an amazing drink that help shed extra pounds and some studies have shown that it helps lose weight post pregnancy. This is also known as the pregnancy superfood, but is to be consumed only post pregnancy. Discuss it with your doctor before starting to consume tulsi green tea. 

Zero Calorie Drink

The Tulsi herb is a storehouse of phytochemicals that makes it a zero calorie drink. With no added sugar, this herbal drink is a zero calorie drink that aids your weight management goals. Besides this, in general green tea contains a small amount of caffeine which is approx. 20 to 30 grams per cup.

What makes green tea this healthy? The reason is Green tea is made from relatively larger amount of unoxidized leaves unlike other tea, this healthy drink is also one of the least processed forms of tea. It therefore keeps your body refresh for a longer period.  


Remedy to Stress

Tulsi Green Tea is a natural stress reliever. Consumption of tulsi green tea regulates blood flow as well as helps in controlling cortisol hormone levels. The more the cortisol, the more stressful you will feel. So to keep stress at bay, try Tulsi green tea!

Breaks up Kidney Stones

Tulsi is an amazing diuretic and a wonderful detoxifier, which is significant for kidney health. Tulsi diminishes reduces the uric corrosive dimensions thus helping kidney cells. It contains oil that has the capability to break kidney stones. It is an amazing herbal drink to reduce the agony caused by kidney stones.

Brings Down Risk of Cancer

Catechins present in this tea prevents the harm caused to tissue because of oxidation. They also work as a defense against the harmful cells in the body, specially during the initial periods of certain malignancies, such as oral and breast cancer.

The Bottom Line 

Having said all the benefits of Tulsi green tea, you must also know that the abundance of magnesium in Tulsi green tea keeps away the risk of heart diseases. A cup of warn tulsi herbal or green tea will keep you fit and you brain healthy, as well as it helps boost the immunity.  


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