8 Surprising Health Benefits of Organic Red Chilli Powder

on July 01, 2020

If you chow down some spicy ethnic foods such as Mexican tacos and Indian curries, something you might not know is, you're ingesting an essential ingredient. The magic ingredient in the diet is chili powder. It has high capsaicin concentration that is essential in your body functions.

Red chili can be consumed either as a whole or powder form. It is, therefore, hard to imagine Indian cuisine without the ingredient. Although there are different types of organic red chili available, and each has a unique form and taste. Red chilies are also used in various spice blends, sauces, and condiments. The spicy and fiery hot taste chili rendered to dishes are among the numerous benefits you can experience with red organic chili.

Red Chili benefits

It is rarely discussed that chili has many health benefits, and you should use it in your daily food. Beyond the taste they add, your dishes become healthier with this versatile red spice. The higher the capsaicin level, the hotter the powder will be and more robust.

Here are the 8 health benefits experienced from organic red chili powder:

  1. It helps to fight inflammation and Pain

Red chili has capsaicin that helps in reducing inflammation. Besides, it also acts as a natural pain relief remedy. When consumed, it will bind with nerve endings to help reduce pain. Capsaicin can help reduce inflammation and also a pain in the lower back joints and muscles.

Another report from Conserve Energy Future claims that organic red chili powder helps in inhibiting substance P - neuropeptide responsible for an inflammatory process. That is why capsaicin is an essential potential in treating various sensory disorders such as diabetic neuropathy, psoriasis, and arthritis pain.

A study conducted on animals claimed that those animals treated with capsaicin substance responded well to inflammatory arthritis. The animals also had delayed arthritis development but had a significant decrease in inflammation, as reported by the Conserve Energy Future.

  1. It helps keep the skin and hair healthy

Red Chili is rich in vitamin C that not only helps to strengthen your body's immune system. It also helps in creating and maintaining collagen - an essential protein that helps to nourish the skin and hair. Therefore, according to Conserve Energy Future, chili powder is a great natural ingredient to add spice in your beauty routine.

If mixed with a face mask, it helps deal with skin inflammation. Moreover, it can help treat acne scars, dark spots, and wrinkles. To do that, it helps by stimulating blood flow and results in flawless skin. If you mix with olive oil, you will give your hair some luster and shine.

  1. It helps to promote digestive health

Organic red chili is essential because it helps with digestive health. It does that by increasing the recreation of digestive juices that prevents some problems such as gas and constipation. It can also be used as a preservative because of their antifungal and antibacterial properties that aid in reducing harmful bacteria. Therefore, red chili powder will help keep your intestines healthy.

Another great benefit of consuming chili powder is the contribution it brings to weight loss and gut health. Contrary, people have claimed that chili powder is anti-irritant in the stomach and helps to treat stomach ulcers.

Also, as a powder form, chili is rich in antioxidants that help to soothe digestive issues such as intestinal gas, upset stomachs, cramps, and diarrhea. They can easily help that as chili stimulates gastric juices to work against acidity in the digestive tract, as reported by the Conservative Energy Future. 

Moreover, chili powder will help accelerate metabolism. As it will speed your metabolism, you will, therefore, curb cravings and improve the rate of burning fat.

  1. It helps in weight loss

If you consume organic red chili, it enhances metabolism and burns fat. It is thought that when consumed and combined with other healthy lifestyle practices, chili will aid in weight management.

Capsaicin present in red chili powder is one responsible for fat burning and reducing appetite. It also reduces food cravings but increases the metabolism rate. Both are beneficial in weight loss. Moreover, capsaicin is thermogenic.

  1. It enhances cognitive function

Red chili powder has a high iron element. It helps in hemoglobin production and blood flow increase. Optimal iron and oxygen in your brain help to improve cognitive function. It also helps in decreasing the chances of getting cognitive disorders.

  1. It helps the heart

The key component of red chili powder, capsaicin helps to reduce platelet degradation, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Besides, it is an excellent substance that helps in preventing the formation of blood clots. It will contribute to overall better heart health, as reported by DovMed.

  1. It helps in relieving nasal congestion

Among the many benefits of consuming organic red chili powder is to help with clearing nasal congestion. To do that, the powder will help to make the mucus from your nose. Moreover, the antibacterial properties will also help to fight chronic sinus infections by inducing vasoconstriction in your nasal blood vessels.

  1. It may help improve longevity

Organic red chili powder also helps in improving longevity. According to an investigation, it showed that people consuming spicy food helps them to live longer in life. It, therefore, means that consuming organic red chili powder will help increase a longer and healthier life as Healthline reported.

Another study conducted for seven years showed that individuals eating spicy food more than three times a week will have a low chance for them to experience heart disease, cancer, or respiratory illness.

It can, therefore, be credited that capsaicin can clear the respiratory tract, reduce inflammation, and help with an overall reduction in the future development of lifelong diseases.

The Bottom Line

Organic red chili is a popular type of spice across the globe. They are known to offer their hot and pungent flavor. Besides, adding the hot spicy flavor in your diet, organic red chili powder helps to add minerals, vitamins, and other unique plant compounds.

You must pay attention to tolerance levels when consuming red chili. When used as spices, they are healthy, but if you experience digestive distress, you should avoid them.

Do you think organic red chili should be a recommended weight buster?


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