9 Wonderful Health Benefits of Amla

on June 08, 2020

Amla (Emblica officianalis), is a plant that has many purported benefits. In the past, people in India used it in controlling their blood sugar and reducing inflammation. There are more benefits of amla such as the presence of high vitamin C content that gives the users antioxidant activity. It also has amazing healing properties that have made it be worshiped by Indian culture and also acting as a superfood in other parts of the world.

amla health benefits

Amla is commonly known as Indian Gooseberry which has been mostly used in Unani and Ayurvedic medicine systems. 

There are few clinical trials conducted and have supported the fact that using Ayurvedic is usually an effective treatment method. Although, there are some Ayurvedic preparations that have been associated with harmful minerals, metals, or gems. Therefore amla is not a product to use with conventional healthcare in any medical problem. 

Amla is a good storehouse for good health. It has high levels of antioxidant which doubles that of acai berry and 17 times more than pomegranate. It is the best fruit you need to stay well. 

Benefits for amla are many and can be consumed in various forms such as powdered, juiced, or even eaten raw. Moreover, you can also pickle it to get candied amla or make a jam. As it is rich in vitamin C, calcium, and iron, it treasures your life. Therefore, you can get a number of beauty benefits by consuming organic amla pickles such as skin and hair beauty. 


Health Benefits of Amla

Indian gooseberry offers many amazing health benefits and to get it you can buy raw amla, amla juice or  amla pickles online. Here are the health benefits of consuming amla: 

1. It Provides Vitamin C

  • Amla has high levels of vitamin C. It is therefore a natural and excellent source. Compared to orange, it has more than 20 times what an orange can offer. If baked or dried, the presence of tannins helps to prevent the loss of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin C is essential for health as it acts as an anti-oxidant. It helps to fight free radicals that lead to some grave diseases such as cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, and more. Besides, this vitamin C is also essential in the body as it acts as a natural defense and healing mechanism. 

2. Helps to Enhance Digestion

  • Amla prickles help to strengthen food absorption and assimilation. Moreover, it also improves digestion and stimulation of taste buds that relish food better.
  • An added advantage is that all people can use amla without fearing gastric irritation or an increase in acidity.
  • One can also use amla to ease the much heat experienced in the body. It will also help in better absorption of iron. Amla also acts as a good laxative as it has high fiber content.
  • It can also be used as part of the diet where it can act as a perfect alternative to lemon, tamarind, and other fruits that add flavor to food. When in dried form, one can also use it for dressing or fresh juice.
  • Amla has more benefits such that it can be used as chutney that is mostly used as an adjuvant in meals. When preserved in sugar syrup or pickle, you will use it regularly. 

3. Increases Protein Synthesis Process

The amla pickle enhances the synthesis of protein where the body tissues such as muscles will get strengthened and toned up. This product is, therefore, suitable for use by athletes and people who exercise and want to maintain their muscular health. It can also eliminate toxic products.



4. Provided Anti-aging Property

Amla is also essential in boosting the absorption of calcium. Therefore, the consumption of amla will help in the formation, repair, and maintenance of teeth, nails, bones, hair, and more. People who consume amla are able to maintain their youthful hair color as it retards premature greying. Besides, the use of amla helps to support the hair follicles. That prevents the weakening of hair as one age.

5. Reduces Cholesterol Level

It also helps to reduce cholesterol levels. The added advantage is that with less cholesterol, one prevents arterial blockages that lead to stroke or heart attack. (5)

6. Prevent Chest Congestion

A study says that if amla will be consumed in its natural forms such as dried powder or raw fruit, it helps in preventing chest congestion. Moreover, amla also helps in the removal of spitum. It also soothes and heals inflamed airways. So, it is good for use in bronchitis, cough, or other respiratory problems. (7)

7. It Acts as Diuretic

Indian gooseberry can act as a diuretic as it helps to normalize the acidic urine when consumed as fresh juice. Therefore, amla is helpful in preventing urinary infections.

8. Useful in Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Amla is known to offer benefits during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As this Indian gooseberry contains adaptogenic and rejuvenating properties it can, therefore, help during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

9. Helps to Improve Immunity

  • If one consumes chemically treated drinks and food, that enables the accumulation of toxins in their body tissues. Even when under exposure to these chemicals, one can also get affected by chemicals in their bodies.
  • When chemicals accumulate in the body, they affect the performance of the liver. Consumption of alma will help to eliminate all these toxins by strengthening the liver. If regularly used, amla improves defense system that fights against harmful substances. 

The Final Thought

In India, Amla is considered a motherly figure or dhatri. That is from the many benefits it offers such as healing properties. It has also been worshiped by Indian culture for centuries and currently, it is recognized across the world as a superfood.

The oldest health system that has been used in the world, Ayurveda has appreciated the use of amla in promoting positive health and treating disease hosts. 

Amla for health, as it offers many health benefits. It boosts your immunity and gives you essential benefits for your skin, hair, and more.  Have you tried amla or yet to?


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