4 Herbal/Green Teas For Health That You Must Try

on April 01, 2020

4 herbal-green tea for your healthy lifestyleEating healthy is a key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. And drinking healthy is equally important that most of us neglect. But how many of us follow a healthy lifestyle? Not even 40%, right? Those who think skipping a meal means healthy eating, you better beware of the more food craving linked to it. Always follow the ideal way to cut down the excess ponds or adopt healthy food habits. Start with reducing carbohydrates, unhealthy fat and high sodium in your diet. Lessen your milk tea/ coffee, instead add herbal tea or green tea. Today we will discuss 4 healthy drinks and why to add them in your life. 

Let's know what drinks can be a part of your healthy lifestyle. 

Buransh Nettle Infusion for better immunity

Buransh Nettle Tea is a good source of Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium and Iron thus helps strengthen your immune system. It also keeps your body relax and helps relieving body pain. The numerous benefits of this herbal infusion is a wonderful addition to your healthy lifestyle. 

Burn toxins with Tulsi Ginger Infusion

Tulsi Ginger infusion helps burn toxins and maintain the smooth running of digestive system. The healing properties of Tulsi when combined with ginger, the benefits are doubled. Many who drink milk tea to overcome the morning sickness can replace it with this delicious daily health boosting drink. 

Chamomile Tea for relaxation

Uttarakhand has been using Chamomile tea as a traditional folk remedy since ages. The wide range of health benefits it offers anti-inflammation, cancer prevention, lowering blood sugar and treating cold symptoms. This wonder drink is a must add for a healthy lifestyle. 

Herbal Nettle to fight seasonal allergies

Stinging nettle is popular for its medicinal benefits, it blesses the body in multiple ways. Some of the benefits include protecting against seasonal allergies as well as reducing arthritis pain and fight against other health problems. The Herbal Nettle tea helps your body in flushing away toxins. Nettle tea is also very advantageous for people with high blood pressure, as well as it keeps the kidney and bladder toxin free. 

The Magic Herbs

Numerous herbs originated in India are being used for medicinal purpose since ages. Every state tells the tale of herb home remedies, no different is Uttarakhand. Sitting on the foothills of Himalayas, Uttarakhand is home to several herbs like nettle that work as a superhero for health. The state is also know for offering some of the best herbal / green teas that we have discussed above. Give you lifestyle a healthy twist. Eat healthy, drink healthy. 

Where To Buy These Herbal Teas?

There’s nothing more pleasing than buying items online from the comfort of your home. And the bonus is it is delivered to your doorstep. To herbify your life, checkout these herbal/green teas on bigTokari and place your order. 


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