Gahat Dal (Horse gram) - A Superfood with Medicinal Benefits

on July 10, 2020

You probably don't know much about Horse gram or Gahat ki dal (Macrotyloma uniflorum). This little healthy super bean originated in southeast Asia is a undervalued pulse compared to other similar varieties of pulses. There are people who don't know this bean and are unaware of the health and medicinal benefits gahat has. 

Due to its ayruvedic benefits this humble pulse is being used by people since ages, but not every one values this superfood. 

Horse gram is overlooked by people. So, those who undervalue this super healthy, high-protein vegan food, they must read the complete page.

Gahat dal health benefits

Horse gram is know with different names in different regions of the country, it is called as gahat, kulthi bean, Madras gram and hurali. In some parts of India, specially Himalayan region people consumed it in the form of dal. Outside India it is consumed mostly as sprouts.  

What are the health benefits of Horse gram?

Horse grain is a miracle superfood consumed as a staple food in India, specially in the Himalayan regions of the country. Gahat is rich in nutrients is a powerhouse of minerals like iron, phosphorous and calcium. Gahat ki dal is a natural treatment for kidney stones and is widely used since ages for that reason. You can easily buy gahat ki dal online.  

Let's look and learn the various  health benefits of this humble bean:

Treats Diabetes

According to studies, the unprocessed from of gahat contains anti-hyperglycemic properties that are a great way to reduce insulin resistance. So when you consume kulthi or gahat you see lower insulin resistance in your body. Some studies also claim that gahat helps in reducing blood glucose levels in humans. Thus, it is a treatment for diabetes. 

Aids Weight Loss 

Gahat ki dal has richness of dietary fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Horse gram is also low in calories. With these elements, horse gram is a superfood to help in weight loss similar to other protein-rich low calorie organic pulses.  

It has high protein content, that keeps your stomach full for longer duration, and the low calories keep adds in keeping weight managed.  

Keeps Kidney Stones at bay 

The main reason for Kidney stones is the crystalization of calcium phosphate salts in the body. As horse gram is rich in polyphenols and iron, as well as is is a great source of anti-oxidants, which helps to inhibit the salt hardening process. It also keeps body free from harmful free radicals that might cause injuries to kidney cell. Moreover, horse gram or gahat is a tested and time-proven natural remedy for kidney disorders. Since ancient times, gahat dal is being used for curing many health issues. 

Consuming horse gram on a regular basis will help you get rid of kidney stones. Also it has other health benefits for the body. You can include gahat dal in your diet or in the form of sprouts. 

A Traditional Medicine 

Horse gram is valuable name in Ayurveda. It has been used since ancient times in various forms for treatment of many ailments and health problems. Some of the health problems treated using horse gram include kidney stones, bronchitis, asthma, urinary issues, menstrual problems, fever, common cold, hemorrhoids, peptic ulcers etc.

They are an ideal food for winter season, as they are warm in nature. They help maintain the body temperature. Also they are a great way to protect body against infections like common cold and cough.  

Wrapping Up 

Gahat or Kulthi is unquestionably a superfood, as proved by many studies, because of its nutritive and medicinal value. It is said that nothing is good in excess, so as long as you consume gahat dal in right quantities, it will benefit your overall health.  

After knowing all these benefits of horse gram you might want to know where to buy it from. You can easily buy Himalayan variety of gahat dal online at 

So, do you think horse gram deserves a place in your diet?


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