Honey for Healing: Keep Your Skin Glowing

on November 02, 2020

A natural source for healing many diseases. This is one of the biggest gifts God has given us through nature. What we need to do is to properly study, understand, and utilize the power of nature to heal.

The journey of honey is very interesting. Honey is a sweet and thick viscous food produced by bees from the sugary secretion of the floral nectar or secretions of other insects like honeydew; this is produced by regurgitation, enzymatic activity, and water evaporation. Honeycombs are formed by bees in which they store honey. These are wax-like structures. Honey produced by honey bees of genus Apis are known to be of the best quality hence it is produced and consumed worldwide.

Honey is collected from bee colonies or hives of domesticated bees. This process is known as beekeeping or apiculture. Honey gets a sweet taste because of monosaccharide fructose and glucose. Another biggest property of honey is that most microbes do not grow on it, hence even after thousands of years it does not spoil in sealed condition. It has almost equivalent sweetness as that of table sugar and chemical properties for baking and when used as sweetener gives great flavor. 15 ml of Honey provides 190 kilojoules (46 kilocalories) of food energy.

honey for beauty

Honey has at least 8000 years long history of its production and preservation. Of the many products of honey in India, bigTokari Honey surely deserve to sit at the top for purity. Honey is not just good for health, it works wonders for skin.

Benefits of Honey in a Teaspoon:

  • A teaspoon of honey taken with warm water in the morning helps to manage weight. This is the best natural way of weight management.
  • Honey is the best healthy substitute for sugar.
  • It has natural sugar and carbohydrate so it digests very easily in the body. Hence it is known as the best source of energy.
  • It helps digestion.
  • Honey in combination with ginger is the best natural cure for cough and throat irritation.
  • Good skin medicine due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties. It helps skin glowing and clean.

Honey Therapy

Honey helps in a lot of ways to keep our health guarded. Best food, best for face and skin, honey is very popular among the people who know to care for their body. Honey has been valued for a long time now. After collection from various beehives, honey goes through many tests in the corporate field. The manufacturing and packing units concentrate more on testing raw honey and blend it to get better aroma, taste, color, and texture. As we know honey does not contaminate, so it is packed in good sterile conditions to remain of the best quality. For thousands of years, honey is being used for human body energy and health, for the betterment of mankind. Honey is used for skin to cure, cuts, burns, and abrasions. It is good for lips in the cold season.

It is also a good food nutrient and used as a substitute for sugar. Used in cookies and cakes to soak up moisture for a long time. It reduces/controls weight plus it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders too. Honey helps the digestive system tremendously. All these properties of honey have originated from the process it is formed in nature. The most perfect in its production, honey has high natural ingredients required for mankind’s health healing. There are mainly three types of bees producing honey

  • A single female queen bee
  • Seasonally variable number of male drone bees to fertile new queens
  • 20,000 to 40,000 female worker bees

After leaving the hive, a foraging bee collects sugar-rich flower nectar. The nectar is sucked through the proboscis and stored in the proventriculus (honey stomach). The capacity to store nectar is 40 mg. To this collected nectar, salivary enzymes and proteins from the bee’s hypopharyngeal gland are added and water content in it increases breaking down the sugars. After the return of the forager bee, regurgitation and transfer of nectar to the hive is done. Due to regurgitation, the bubbles are formed between their mandibles. The bubbles create a large surface area per volume and a portion of water is removed through evaporation. The bee digestive enzymes then play role in hydrolyzing sucrose into the mixture of glucose and fructose and break down other starches to proteins increasing the acidity. This whole procedure is natural and hence the quality of honey is rated top in the world.

Beauty Benefits of Honey

Honey for face and skin:

If you want to use honey for healing some ailment of the face or skin, there are different ways you can apply it.

  • Treat the chronic skin conditions with paste, spot-treatment, or with a face mask left for a stipulated time.
  • Use unpasteurized honey, such as manuka honey.
  • Effective healthy bacteria in honey will enhance your immune system. This will help in healing blemishes, redness, and inflammation.
  • Use of honey with combination of other ingredients to heal face marks.
  • Test your face for any allergic reaction.
  • Mix of honey (raw- three parts) and cinnamon (Pure/freshly ground- one part) is powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant. The paste to be made smooth and apply to skin/face and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • Using honey on your face can eliminate dead skin cells due to its exfoliating properties; can brighten up your facial skin.
  • Honey can fade acne scars. Scars can be given a spot-treatment by applying honey every day/alternate day. One must know that honey should not be used for scars due to burning or deep cuts.
  • A treatment possibility on skin/face using honey is still developing and not fully known. Only those treatments which are proven may have to be practiced while treating.
  • Side effects can be seen due to allergic reactions, hence it is essential to spot test for allergy before going ahead for treatment. Known allergies due to honey are – pollen, celery, and bee venom.

Raw honey might be expensive than other types of honey, but it is cheaper than the other cosmetics used to treat acne, scars, dull, or dry skin. More research is underway to explore the best possible ways/uses of honey.

As a summary we can below, see the properties of honey used for skin treatment.

  1. Acne Spot Treatment: Being anti-inflammatory, honey reduces the redness, and swelling of pimples, and being antibacterial it fights acne-causing bacteria. Honey controls the oil production because it keeps skin well-hydrated and balanced.
  2. Moisturizer: Honey is a natural humectant (draws moisture to the skin), the skin around your cuticles remain un-peeled. The use of honey keeps nails and skin around it healthy. Use raw honey over the cuticle ad leave for 10 minutes for better healing.
  3. All-time conditioner: Honey is a natural conditioner and keeps the applied body part soft and healthy. Can be used on hair to soften them and make silky.
  4. Wound-healer: Honey has natural antiseptic properties that help to heal the injury faster and reduces the scars too. Antioxidant in honey makes your skin ready and glowing in a better time. It is the best natural remedy.
  5. Face Moisturizer: Better hydrating effect of honey on face give face skin a glow, has good moisturizing and soothing effects. Natural sugars in honey are humectants and emollients having water contents which help in moisturizing and reducing the dryness.
  6. Scar Fader: Antioxidant properties of honey help reduce or heal the scars, nourish the skin. Honey infused with propolis with anti-inflammatory properties will eliminate stretch marks or skin discoloration.
  7. Mild Exfoliant: Upon crystallization of honey, over some time, the tiny globules formed, act as exfoliant. The breaking down of globules in contact with water provides the anti-bacterial effect. It can be used as a face wash.
  8. Burn Relief: Due to anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and moisturizing properties honey can be the best natural ointment in case of burns. It has a soothing effect and is a barrier to exterior infections due to thickness property.
  9. Lip Balm: Chapped lips, especially in chilly winters are nightmares. Applying honey gives a soothing feeling. Natural hydrating enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals in honey give instant relief.
  10. Sleep Aid: Consumption of honey causes an increase in a slow and steady rise in insulin. This gives two chemicals, serotonin, and melatonin. These two chemicals possess the properties of feeling sleepy. If one has a habit of getting up in the middle of the night, he can eat a teaspoon of honey. This helps the stock of glycogen be maintained in the liver, which results in good undisturbed sleep.
  11. Hair Treatment: A combination of two ripe bananas and honey and olive oil blend, will give a good mask to keep your hair hydrated and away from drying. It acts as a natural softer and heals the dying cells in the hair.
  12. Bath Soak: Honey used in hot water and made warm for bath and soaking yourself in the warm water will make your skin soft as silk.

Wrapping Up 

As we have seen, honey is used around the globe for its multi-faceted properties and is one of the best natural sources for healing. Honey is used in combination with many other ingredients like sugar, syrups as maple, birch, or sorghum. These ingredients added with honey are specifically used as ‘pure honey’ which is not by the law. However, some ingredients are added on purpose with honey to give better results from its natural property of healing. Honey is naturally posses good anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial properties and hence seen as top healing aid in many ailments. In 2018, global production of honey was 1.9 million tonnes, with China leading with 24% and other main producers were Iran, Turkey, and Argentina.

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