Miraculous Health Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

on July 07, 2020

Sesame seeds are one of the oldest known condiments by the humans. They go in all kinds of dishes. In fact these seeds are not only a staple in Indian cuisine but are also very popular in other countries like Japan, Mexico and also some south Asian countries.

Sesame seeds grow in pods and are nutrient rich. They are highly valued for the oil that can be extracted from them. A handful of these black sesame seeds have rich nutritional and medicinal value. Regular consumption of these seeds can enhance the overall health of the human body.

Health benefits black sesame seeds

9 Health Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

  1. Anti Aging Properties: Black sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B and iron. They help in reversing and slowing the process of aging. The deficiency of vitamin B and iron can cause pre mature greying of hair, hair loss, hearing loss, and memory loss. All these can be avoided by adding these nutrient rich ingredients into one’s diet.
  2. Improves liver heath: Many studies have proved that sesame seeds help in fighting against any free radicals that attack the liver. They are rich in fibre and lignans which help in reducing the risk of having colon cancer, as some studies claim.
  3. Relieves Indigestion: These nutrient rich seeds hep in improving the gut health. The ease indigestion and constipation. The oil present in the seeds help in lubricating the intestines and aid in free bowel movements.
  4. Balances Blood Pressure: These are rich in magnesium which helps in controlling high blood pressure and controlling hypertension.
  5. For healthy bones: It prevents osteoporosis which is condition of weak and fragile bones. Women above the age of 35 have this condition quite commonly.
  6. Source of Pant Protein: Sesame seeds are great source of plant based protein. The roasted and hulled ones are preferable compared to the raw ones. They help in building muscles and hormones.
  7. Reduces inflammation: Inflammation is a key factor in causing man chronic diseases like obesity, heart ailments, cancer etc. Sesame seeds and oil have anti inflammatory properties that help in keeping ailments like these at bay.
  8. Improves Immune system: Sesame seeds are rich in nutrient and minerals. There is abundant quantity of zinc, copper, vitamin B, Vitamin. The presence of zinc can improve the immune system of the human body.
  9. Great for Thyroid health: These seeds are rich in selenium and this is the component that is responsible for building thyroid hormone. 

How can the black sesame seeds be added to our diet?

These nutrient rich seeds are quite versatile. They are consumed in many different forms. Like:

  1. They are highly valued for their oil. The hulled seeds contain oil which is used for regular cooking in Indian cuisine.
  2. The seeds are slightly roasted and made into powder. This powder can be taken with rice and added to curries.
  3. These seeds can directly be added into noodles, soups, yogurts and many other regular dishes.
  4. These can be consumed directly after soaking them overnight. The calcium and magnesium help in better gut health.
  5. Sesame seeds are also used to make butter which is a great alternative for regular butter or peanut butter.
  6. Sesame seeds are ground and also made into flour. This flour can be used in man was like for baking, smoothies etc.
  7. Black sesame seeds salt is also a great way to add this tiny healthy seeds to your diet. 

The roasted ad hulled Black Sesame Seeds can be added to meals regularly. Some of them being:

  1. Fries
  2. Steamed broccoli
  3. Cereals
  4. Homemade Granola bars
  5. Home baked bread
  6. Flavoured Yogurt
  7. Hummus
  8. salads
  9. for garnishing

Where can these Black Sesame seeds be sourced from?

The recent wave of sustainable lifestyle choices that many people in the cities are making a shift to, have opened up markets for many organic products. Every kind of agricultural produce has a pure and organic variant in the market. With an aim to offer healthy, natural, pure as well as organic produce from the Himalayas, bigTokari has stepped in bringing people closer to a healthy lifestyle. 

bigTokari also offers variants of these black sesame seeds, the recent addition is black sesame salt that is a perfect salad seasoning. You can buy varieties of Himalayan herbs and spices on www.bigtokari.com. You can now order Himalayan sesame seeds slat online from the comfort of your houses.

Wrap Up

Black Sesame seeds are highly nutritious and are healthy addition to your diet. The versatility of this ingredient makes it the most utilised seeds in every Indian kitchen. This helps in over all optimization of nutrient intake of the human body. It is absolutely important addition to the meals in the current COVID times as it helps in building immunity.

Buy Himalayan, it keeps you close to the nature. 


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