Miraculous Health Benefits of Moth Beans That You Don't Know!

on August 11, 2020

Moth Beans are one of the oldest known legumes by the humans. Various kinds of dishes are made from these legumes. Moth Beans also known as Mat dal or matki in India is a staple food for many parts of the country. Vigna aconitifolia is the scientific name given to the legume.

Moth beans for health

These protein rich Mot beans are grown in arid and semi arid regions of the country. They are great substitute for meat and valued source of plant based protein. Their sprouts have high nutritional value. A handful of these Moth seeds or their sprouts have rich nutrition. Regular consumption of these seeds/sprouts can enhance the overall health of the human body and help boost immunity. 

 Health Benefits of Moth Beans

  1. Improves Bone Health: Moth Beans are rich in calcium which is an important mineral in improving the bone health of human body. They help in reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It also contains phosphorous which is another mineral for good bone health. It also improves dental health, and cellular functioning apart from just bone health. The deficiency of calcium can cause weak bones and also increases the risk of bones being damaged or fractured easily. All these can be avoided by adding these nutrient rich ingredients into one’s diet.
  2. Enhances Immune System: Many studies have proved that Moth beans help in fighting against any free radicals and builds a strong immune system. They are rich in fibre and zinc which help in reducing the risk falling ill frequently. The iron content in these pulses increases the formation of red blood cells which in turn improve the overall immunity of the human body.
  3. Relieves Indigestion: These nutrient rich seeds hep in improving the gut health. The ease indigestion and constipation. Moth beans also regularises bowel movement and eases constipation eventually.
  4. Controls stress: Moth beans are rich in zinc which is an anti oxidant and helps in lowering oxidative stress. They anti oxidants that are present in matki beans are phenols, carotenoids and flavonoids. These reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases ad also some age related health issues.
  5. For Better Muscles: Moth beans contain high protein content. This helps in building strong muscle and also repairs them. It is great source of protein for vegetarians.
  6. Helps in Weight Loss: Since moth beans are rich in fibre and protein they aid in losing weight. Protein is an important factor for building muscle. This increases the muscle mass and helps in burning fat.
  7. Energiser: Moth beans with their protein rich characteristic help in maintaining high energy levels throughout the day. This is great addition to the diet for people who work round the clock. It also helps in combating fatigue. 

How can the Moth beans be added to our diet?

These nutrient rich beans are quite versatile. They are consumed in many different forms. Like:

  1. They are highly valued for their sprouts. These sprouts can be consumed after adding a dash of salt and chilli powder and you can also squeeze in some lemon.
  2. The beans can be used to make dal which is a staple dish for people throughout the country.
  3. The matki beans are also added into different salads. The micro greens of these beans are also highly valued for their nutrient rich properties.
  4. These can be consumed directly after soaking them overnight. The calcium and zinc help in better gut health.
  5. Moth beans are also used to make dry curries which are great source of protein rich diet.

The recent wave of sustainable lifestyle choices that many people in the cities are making a shift to, have opened up markets for many organic and natural products. Every kind of agricultural produce has a pure and organic variant in the market. 

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Wrap Up

Moth beans are highly nutritious and are healthy addition to your diet. The versatility of this ingredient makes it the most utilised seeds in every Indian kitchen. This helps in over all optimization of nutrient intake of the human body and building great immune system. It is absolutely important addition to the meals in the current situation.



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