What Makes Himalayan Rajma A Must Buy?

on June 25, 2020

Rajma is one of the most consumed staple food items in the northern part of India. It is can be categorized into a legume family used in many varieties of traditional north Indian dishes. These nourishing beans are native crop of some Latin American countries but have been widely grow and consumed in northern part of India. This kind of legume is grown in different parts of northern India which gives them unique properties. It is popularly made into a curry and served with rice which a finger licking dish 'Rajma Chawal'. It is one of the favourite dishes of the entire north India.

Himalayan rajma varieties

These legumes come in different colours and shapes based on the place they are cultivated. These pods are grown in white, cream, black, red, purple and other spotted variants. The red coloured beans are the most popular ones with which Rajma Chawal is made.


Himalayan White Rajma and its Uniqueness

Many Himalaya states like Uttarakand, Jammu Kashmir, Assam, and Himachal Pradesh are famous for their rajma crop. Uttarakand alone has some 100 varieties of rajma grown in the state. Some of the popular varieties of rajma grown in Uttarakand are Munsiyari Rajma, Chakrata Rajma, Harsila Rajma, Red Rajma etc. Not only India, this nourishing legume is extremely popular in Nepal as well. Nepal being a Himalayan country is widely conducive for this crop.

  1. Rajma which is also known as Kidney beans are widely grown in the Himalayas at an altitude of 1000mts to 2000mts.
  2. This variety of this legume is special and noteworthy because it is grown using the pure Himalayan water and also the plantation is away from industrial and vehicular pollution that is prevalent in the other parts of northern plains.
  3. The White Himalayan variety of Rajma is slightly different in size compared to the variety grown in other plains in northern part of India.
  4. The Munsiyari Rajma grown in the Himalayas is grown without any pesticides and also rich in protein and carbohydrates. It is grown at an altitude of 7000ft.
  5. The harsh climatic condition in which it is grown gives it a unique taste and also many medicinal values.
  6. It has a simple earthy taste and cooks up faster than regular Rajma. 


Many of the varieties of rajma grown in the Himalayas are named after the region in which they are grown. The market for Himalayan white rajma has increased over the years in the southern part of the country as well because of umpteen health benefits it has to offer. This also made it all the more practical to have online store for everyday provisions for the companies as well. This helps in spreading the goodness of this nourishing legume to not just in the country but also across the world. 

5 Health benefits of Himalayan Rajma

The Himalayan variants of rajma grown have better health benefits compared to the variants grown in plains of northern India. This is because of the harsh weather conditions, pure Himalayan water, unpolluted and clean air and soil. Some of the significant health benefits of this Himalayan kidney beans are:

Health benefits of rajma

  1. These legumes are great for regulating blood sugar levels for diabetic patients.
  2. White Rajma is rich in fibre and hence helps in keep heart ailments at bay.
  3. Rajma has high amounts of anti oxidants and thus helps in preventing cancer. It also has high flavonoids .
  4. Kidney beans are a great substitute for other food staples in our diet. The high amounts of fibre, protein aid in weight loss.
  5. The minerals and calcium present in these legumes help in strengthening bones and reduce the probability of getting osteoporosis.

Buy Himalayan Rajma Online

Since the Himalayas are a distant part of the country for many other states especially southern states, so bigTokari has started  supplying Himalayan products most importantly the staples like Himalayan grains, legumes, flours etc.  The order can be placed online with easy through www.bigtokari.com or through bigTokari app. This makes it easy for someone from a different state to enjoy a good meal with the Himalayan rajma.


You can also buy many pure organic Himalayan products that are delivered across every corner of the country. No matter what you location is you can order white Himalayan rajma online or other variety that you like from the comfort of your home.

Wrapping Up 

Having said all, Himalayan produce are grown in natural condition that makes them a must buy. The consumption of legumes like rajma and other cereals are extremely crucial for a health body and mind. The best part is that  rajma varieties from Himalayas need one whistle to boil. Other kinds of Himalayan produce are also extremely important and healthy. We bet, one you try Himalayan variety of Rajma, it will get a place in your list of fravourites.        


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