Kumaoni Recipe - Bhatt Ke Dubke

on February 25, 2020

bhatt ke dubke recipe

Black beans (Bhatt ki Dal) is a protein rich food which is consumed globally, but in India use of black beans is limited to hilly areas. In Uttarakhand, black beans is on their favorite food list. There you can find a variety of dishes made with black beans. Some of the traditional black bean cuisines from Uttarakhand include Bhatt ke dubke, bhatt ki churdkani, roasted salted bhatt ki dal etc. Today we will learn how to make bhatt ke dubke in Uttarakhand style. 


Bhatt Dal/ black bean – 1 cup 

Salt – according to taste 

Haldi Powder – 1/2 tea spoon 

Coriander powder – 1/2 tea spoon 

Red chili powder – ½ tea spoon 

Cumin seed (Jeera) – ½ tea spoon 

Kitchen king masala – ½ tea spoon 

Asafoetida (Hing) – 2 pinch 

Rice flour – 2 tbsp (add ¼ cup water and make thin slurry with no lumps) 

Mustard oil – 3 Table Spoon 

Water – 5 cup 

 Bhatt Ke Dubke Preparation Method

  • Wash bhatt dal nicely and soak in fresh water overnight. 
  • Make a coarse paste of soaked bhatt dal in blender or with the help of sil batta.  
  • Heat oil in an iron wok. Bhatt ke dubke gives the authentic taste when cooked in iron wok, the traditional way. 
  • When the oil heats, add hing, jeera and let the jeera crackle. 
  • Now add the coarsly grind bhatt dal and fry it on a low flame for 5 minutes. 
  • Add haldi powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, kitchen king masala and salt. Mix it well. 
  • Now add the water slowly to the the mixture with continuous stirring. 
  • Continuous stirring is required to keep the dubke lump free. 
  • Now add rice flour slurry to the mixture. 
  • Stir continuously till the mixture comes to a roaring boil. 
  • Let it cook for about 20-22 min on low flame. 
  • Turn off the heat and your bhatt ke dukhe is ready to serve. 
  • Serve dubke with steamed rice. 

Recipe Video 


Bhatt ke dubke tastes best when served with steamed rice, which in local dialect is called Bhaat. We are making it easy for you to cook the traditional cuisines, follow the bigTokari recipes and add a blast of flavors to your day. For more authentic style pahadi food, subscribe to our YouTube channel and blog. To make an authentic dish, use authentic ingredients. Buy from bigTokari.