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          Madua Flour

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          Organic Kuttu Atta

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          Organic Cholai Atta

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          There are several types of flours available for different purposes. Flour comes under the category of the daily requirement for every individual. People consume flour on a daily basis; it is one of the most important ingredient of their food. , but with the change in time, people have started thinking about their health and are switching to healthier option.

          You will be able to find different types of flours that would meet your requirements. Add health and taste to every bite, you can also add them as a co-meal in your daily diet. Let us check out the interesting flour options we have on bigTokari.

          Madua (finger millet) flour

          Madua (Ragi or Finger millet) is widely consumed in the foothills of Himalayas. It is one of the richest source of protein, which keeps your weight in balance. Protein lovers can replace their regular flour with Madua (ragi) flour. Buy normal madua atta or organic finger millet flour as per choice, bigTokari has both the options for you.

          Amaranth Flour

          Amaranth flour is a protein-rich as well as a gluten-free flour. It is obtained by grinding the seeds of the amaranth plant. It is usually used in making pancake mixes, bread, multigrain crackers, and breakfast foods. Amaranth flour is also called as Choulai ka atta, which is again commonly known as rajgira. Rajgira is mainly used during the time of fast, it is considered as a fruit or phalahar. You can purchase rajgira atta online at the best price from bigTokari .

          Buckwheat Flour

          Buckwheat in India is also referred to as kuttu ka atta. During the time of Navaratri, it is widely used consumed as phalahar. Buckwheat online is also sold as noodles that are known as Japanese soba noodles. Buckwheat is an ideal choice for those who are intolerant towards wheat flour. Buckwheat flour is used to make a variety of recipes from pakoras to parathas. Buckwheat buying is easy, bigTokari offer kuttu ka atta online.

          Corn Flour (makke ka atta)

          Corn flour is again a healthy replacement to wheat flour. Mixing it with your regular flour will not just boost the taste, but also converts it into a healthy meal. Checking the corn flour price in India, will tell you that corn flour online is available at best price on bigTokari. So without worrying about the quality an corn flour price, just add it to cart and buy, we will take care of everything for you.

          Bread Flour

          Bread flour (Maida) is one of the most used flour in baking. It isn’t one of the healthy options to choose, but is definitely one of the tastiest flour to have in the kitchen. Unlike older days, now you can buy bread flour online in India. We offer best Maida flour price to our customers.

          Brown Rice Flour

          Brown rice flour is obtained from the highest quality whole grain brown rice. You can make use of this gluten-free flour for thickening of gravies and sauces, also for gluten-free baking.

          Different types of flours are essential for making different food items and they even have a different set of benefits. One flour cannot do the work of all the types of flours. In other words, we cannot use jau ka atta in place of maida flour for baking, as this will be a taste compromise.

          Are you an organic product fan, a cooking passionate, baking lover or a health seekers, this flour store is just for you. You love to buy quality products, we love to deliver quality at your doorstep. Checkout the flours section on online store, add to your cart and get it delivered.

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