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      Pickles are an essential part of Indian cuisine. No meal is ever complete without a pickle. Its preparation and storage processes are cherish able memory of everyone’s childhood.

      They are considered it the spice of life by every Indian household. Mothers and grandmothers are the ones who have been traditionally making these pickles. The process of making these pickles is very tedious and demand lot of time and effort. Starting from selecting the right quality and quantity of the primary ingredients is very crucial in preparing these condiments. Every slightest of the ingredient that goes into the condiment decides the taste and longevity of the pickle. Though it is used just as a side dish in most families with their meals a lot of method and protocol is followed in its preparation.

      Some kind of authentic pickles that are made in south Indian states take about 3 to 4 months to get ready before they can be served. They are made with a meticulous eye for detail and also with log drawn process to ensure its longevity and also lipsmacking taste.  Some of the most popular pickles that Indians can’t do without are:

      • Mango pickle: The world knows the love for mangoes Indians have. Similar love for taste and flavour is shown to the mango pickle as well. The state of Uttarakhand is famous for the tasty mango pickle from the foothills of himalayas. It is also the most commonly consumed pickle in India. It is one of the many things people look forward to in summer season. These raw mangoes are chopped into pieces and marinated with chilli powder, turmeric powder and many other ingredients. Though the primary ingredients remains the same the process of making the condiment different for different cultures in India. Some boil the mangoes, in some places they are sun cooked and some practices also involved hot oil cooking method. Hence there are different varieties of mango pickle. But the taste of Himalayan food is to be find nowhere else, just here at bigTokari. 
      • Amla pickle: This pickle is made of amla and similar procedure of marination is involved for this kind as well. This homemade amla achaar or pickle is considered the healthiest of all pickles. It is rich in vitamin C and helps in boosting immunity and also premature greying of hair. This pickle has good mix of sweet and tangy taste to it. It is called aam ka achaar or amla achaar and widely famous in northern states like Uttarakand.
      • Chilli achaar: These are slightly spicier than the other pickles. Both the green chillies and red chillies are used to make the pickle. They are most commonly consumed in North India and follow a completely different process of preparation. The red chili stuffed pickle and green chili pickles from the Himalayan foothills is available on bigTokari. In these pickles sometimes oil is used for preservation and similarly vinegar is also used depending upon the availability.

      All these pickles can be broadly divided into three categories based on their method of preparation.

      • Pickles preserved in salt
      • Pickles preserved in oil
      • Pickles preserved in vinegar

      Oil being the most commonly used ingredient in Indian cuisine, the pickles made in India are also predominantly preserved in oil. This is called Pickling and helps in longevity of the pickle. This process can be used on almost anything from vegetables, fruits, berries, gourds etc. This process also enables the pickle to last longer without refrigeration. Many nutritionists argue that the traditionally made pickles with sunflower oil, castor oil, seseame oil are extremely healthy and can cure many ailments if consumed in right proportions.

      However this art of making pickles is dying, but bigTokari is trying to preserve it.

      • The tedious process involved and the amount of time it consumes has discouraged many from making these pickles, but bigTokari sticks to the authentic style of pickle making.
      • The wide variety of pickles available in the market has also made people to buy them off the stores.
      • The advent of e-commerce also brought commercially made pickles closer to the consumers and they are at their comfort to order them online. bigTokari pickles are to give you ghar ka taste.
      • Many companies have mushroomed in recent times and supply huge variety of pickles online. They are well packed and follow a careful online delivery system to avoid any kind of leakage. This makes the experience of purchasing pickle online very smooth.
      • The sustainable lifestyle adopted by many has also made them to opt for organic pickles instead of the inorganic ones. Many companies source the ingredients from organic farms and prepare the pickles. They have huge demand and market in the urban areas since they go with anything that is on the plate. The versatility of this very staple side dish is what it makes it so popular and widely consumed.

      Some of the other pickles that are popular in other parts of the country are red chilli pickle, mix achaar, mix mirchi achaar, garlic achaar, stuffed red chilie achaar, ginger pickle, onion pickle etc. These tangy tasty pickles can be ordered online available on bigTokari platform.