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          Snack foods are significant part of Indian cuisine. Just like anything else in India, snacks are also of various kinds.  Every city in India has its own delicacy in snacks. They have something to offer to everyone with different sort of taste bud craving. In fact they can be made flexibly depending upon the requirements of the eater. Given the new wave of sustainable lifestyles organic food has also made its way big in the market. And snack foods are no exception. The market has all the snacks in organic variant as well. All these factors make Indian snacks world famous and adored by everybody. Some of the most famous Indian snacks are:

          1. Namkeen: Namkeen is the most popular and widely consumed snack in North India; so much so that the word is used interchangeably with snacks, especially in North India. They come in different variants, flavours and ingredients. They are mostly had with evening tea. There are different varieties of Namkeen like mixture namkeen, madua mankeen, moong daal namkeen, masoor namkeen, Civda Namkeen, etc. Many brands and companies have mushroomed in recent times that provide a huge variety of these snacks. Many of the brands support make in India and are serving India made snacks to their customers. bigTokari brand promotes vocal for local and is ready to cater to people who love Indian snacks on a global scale. These namkeens are spicy, tangy and tasty snacks that are loaded with the choicest of the ingredients that are exclusively available in particular cities in India. Off late we offer organic namkeen which is basically made of all organic produce. These organic snacks also come in different variants just like the regular ones. We have started selling healthy organic namkeen online as well. Hence customers comfortably order their required kind at the comfort of home itself.
          2. Biscuits: Though biscuits are originally from the west, Indians have accepted those centuries ago and they have become a significant part of our daily snack foods especially during the evening tea. Now many states in India are famous for its locally made biscuits. There are huge variety of biscuits. Another widely favoured biscuits that are made mostly in North India are Madhua biscuits. They are made of ragi flour and sesame seeds. We have come with a healthy organic version of these biscuits as well.

          Though these snacks have been widely popular for ages, the snack foods scene in India kept on changing. Nowadays apart from namkeen, biscuits, samosas, kachoris market has opened out to many fast food centres which serve a huge spread of snacks like chats, ragadas, pav bhajis, pani puri, etc. All these snacks come in different variants. These are the snacks that mostly constitute Indian street food.

          Some of the snacks options available for you to buy are ragi biscuits, madua namkeen, sweet madua biscuits, namkeen mixture, besan namkeen, organic snacks, organic namkeen, bhatt dal namkeen, bhatt namkeen, masoor dal namkeen, dal moth namkeen etc.

          The market for healthy organic snacks has also broadened especially online with the advent of e commerce. bigTokari has also come up with its  version of tasty and tangy Indian snacks. You get to choose from organic ingredients, less oil or sometimes baked versions of the traditionally available snack foods, or organic ghee, preservative free, or food colour free etc.

          All these aspects of snack foods of India throw ample light on the culinary divergence and the vibrant nature of Indian snack foods and street food. The snacks that are generally taken during the evening tea time are some of the few aspects of Indian lifestyle that a family truly bonds on.

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